We are a clinical-stage biotechnology company decoding biology by integrating technological innovations across biology, chemistry, automation, data science and engineering to industrialize drug discovery.

Increased control over biology with tools such as CRISPR genome editing and synthetic biology

Reliable automation of complex laboratory research at unprecedented scale using advanced robotics

Iterative analysis of, and inference from, large, complex in-house datasets using neural network architectures

Increasing elasticity of high performance computation using cloud solutions

We are leveraging new technology to create virtuous cycles of learning around datasets to build a next-generation biopharmaceutical company.

It’s complex biology, decoded.

A synchronized combination of hardware, software and data used to industrialize drug discovery


Reshaping the traditional drug discovery funnel


One of the largest, broadest and deepest pipelines of any technology-enabled drug discovery company


Collaborations with industry-leading companies addressing broad therapeutic areas


An incredible team with world class talent, expertise and leadership

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