Decoding biology demands a bold approach.

There are a lot of things that make Clēnera possible. Our breakthrough technology. Our network of partners. The leading talent of our team. But the thing that makes us great is how all of those things work together—and the way those relationships make new things possible for you.

Target-agnostic. Engineering mindset. Wet lab and dry lab. Tech and science teams.

These are some of the words & phrases we use to describe our unique approach. One that is unlike how traditional pharmaceutical R&D is conducted today.


We let the data tell us what to target because we are able to generate a massive dataset that captures the complexity of whole human cells. This target-agnostic approach opens us up to novel pathways, new discoveries and ultimately, transformative medicines for patients.

Engineering mindset

An engineering mindset is a process mindset. We aim not only to discover drugs, but to build a system that quickly and efficiently discovers drugs at scale. We look beyond the direct questions in front of us to whole systems of biology. We develop processes that are repeatable, scalable and efficient. Our experiments are not done in isolation; each experiment is conducted with the intention of answering immediate direct questions and building a massive, relatable dataset that spans diseases, cell types and more.

Wet lab & dry lab

Unlike many other AI-enabled drug discovery companies, we iterate through experimental biology (wet lab) and computation (dry lab) to test our results in a continuous, confirmatory loop. By combining dry and wet lab capabilities, we can more confidently generate actionable insights on human biology for rapid discovery of novel treatments.

Equal parts tech & science

Every modern biotech aspires to build cross-disciplinary teams, but our teams are equal parts tech and science. We hire experts in data science, biology, machine learning, automation, chemistry and software engineering to work together to make decisions around novel discoveries and advance our programs.

We will discover new treatments as surely as we will make the process of discovering new drugs more efficient and scalable. We explore diseases instead of targets and let data be our guide. We refuse to be just a tech or science company; we value both, working together, to bring new treatments to patients.

All together, it’s a bold approach.