Recursion Mindset

Our mindset is guided by an unwavering drive to challenge and disrupt the status quo. We diligently guard against complacency, conservatism, risk aversion, and contentment with the familiar. We are not here to make a few medicines. We are here to reimagine how medicines are made.

The recursion mindset is the deep belief and commitment to industrializing drug discovery through automation, algorithms, and data to deliver on our mission. This is made manifest through our founding principles and is supported by our culture and values.


Our unique culture is a strategic differentiator. We push ourselves to match our behaviors to our values and to structure our work and practices to reinforce these values. We believe our culture exists in every action and is owned by every Recursionaut.

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care →

We Care

We Care for our mission, for patients, for each other, and for the communities we call home.

learn →

We Learn

We Learn is more than just acquiring new information - it signifies our commitment to continual growth and embracing the unknown in a rapidly evolving field.

deliver →

We Deliver

We act with speed, lives are at stake.

we act
integrity →

We act boldly
with integrity.

We are doing something that has never been done.  We must think differently and take bold risks.

we are one
Recursion →

We are one Recursion.

Deep cross-functional collaboration is based on trust, empathy, humility, and clarity of objectives.

Founding principles

Our founding principles are our evergreen strategy in a field where we know success could look very different. When you’re working on something totally new, no one can tell you how it should look. These guideposts keep us on the path to Recursion’s mission - whether you are navigating maps of biology, working in machine learning, or connecting supply chains, finance, and operations to accelerate delivery. An industrial revolution requires a revolutionary mindset.

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Optimize for the
portfolio →

Optimize for the portfolio to accelerate programs at scale. We prioritize actions and decisions that promise to enhance our entire range of programs at scale.

Challenge assumptions and  convention →

Challenge assumptions and conventions to uncover fundamental truth. We challenge and validate existing knowledge to foster rigorous thinking that bolsters innovation.

Connected data across programs and time →

Build connected data over collecting data points. We are creating a comprehensive, high-dimensional data network where all the data points are interconnected.

Explore the
uncharted →

Explore the uncharted over targeting the known. We’re not about drilling into the known; we’re about exploring the unknown, understudied areas of biology.


to scale →

Industrialize to scale exponentially through standardization and automation. We are instituting a system that automates key procedures and decisions, leading to substantial leaps in efficiency and output.

Virtuous cycles
of atoms & bits →

Create virtuous cycles of atoms and bits. Timely, iterative feedback accelerates our learning for both programs and platforms.