We are not alone in our mission to industrialize drug discovery and improve patient lives.

Beyond the Deal: Roche Genentech

We collaborate with leading biopharmaceutical and technology companies to broadly explore diverse disease domains and rapidly identify novel therapeutic candidates.


In August 2020, we entered into a multi-year, strategic collaboration with Bayer in the area of fibrosis, which we expanded in December 2021 to include our powerful inferential search capabilities. Under the updated partnership, we may initiate more than a dozen programs to identify novel therapeutics for devastating and complex fibrotic diseases across multiple organ systems including lung, liver and heart. Bayer has contributed approximately 500,000 compounds from its proprietary library and is providing deep scientific expertise to the collaboration.

Roche &

In December 2021, we entered into a multi-year, strategic collaboration with Roche and Genentech in key areas of neuroscience and an oncology indication. Through the partnership, we are working with both Roche and Genentech's R&D units to leverage our Recursion OS and Maps of Biology, along with extensive single-cell perturbation screening data from Roche and Genentech, to rapidly identify novel biological relationships to initiate and advance therapeutic programs. Together we may initiate up to 40 programs over a decade or longer.


In July 2023, we entered into a strategic collaboration with NVIDIA to accelerate the development of our groundbreaking AI foundation models for biology and chemistry on NVIDIA DGX™ Cloud. We intend to optimize and distribute these models for possible commercial license or release on BioNeMo, NVIDIA’s cloud service for generative AI in drug discovery.

The goal of every partnership is to create therapeutics, yet the approach may take multiple forms:


In order to achieve our mission, we partner with leading biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies and academic research institutions to identify novel therapeutics and unlock biological insights using our discovery technology. Our partnering efforts take two primary forms: discovery platform partnerships and asset development partnerships.

Asset Development Partnership

In addition to NCEs, the Recursion Map may discover new uses for known chemical entities owned or controlled by third parties. In such circumstances, we may in-license rights to these assets to advance these programs internally.

Discovery Platform Partnerships

We have collaborated with third parties to broadly explore diverse disease domains (e.g., fibrosis, neuroscience, and oncology). Collaborations leverage our partner's deep domain expertise and Recursion's unique capability to map and navigate complex biology to identify and rapidly advance potential therapeutics.

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