An LLM-Orchestrated Workflow Engine unleashing the full power of Recursion’s data and tools

LOWE—our LLM-orchestrated Workflow Engine—is an LLM agent that represents the next evolution of the Recursion OS. LOWE supports drug discovery programs by orchestrating complex workflows. These workflows chain together a variety of steps and tools, from finding significant relationships within Recursion’s Maps of Biology and Chemistry to generating novel compounds and scheduling them for synthesis and experimentation. Through its natural language interface and interactive graphics, LOWE puts state-of-the-art AI tools into the hands of every drug discovery scientist at Recursion in a simple and scalable way.

Integrating with the Recursion OS

At the forefront of LOWE's functionality is its ability to integrate with the Recursion OS. This includes access to petabytes of proprietary data and specialized computational tools tailored for drug discovery.

This includes the ability to navigate and assess relationships within Recursion’s proprietary PhenoMap data, use MatchMaker to identify drug-target interactions, and deploy deep learning-based generative chemistry methods. This integration enables LOWE to perform critical, multi-step tasks in drug discovery such as identifying new therapeutic targets, designing novel compounds and libraries, and predicting ADMET properties. Additionally, LOWE streamlines the process of procuring commercial compounds, enhancing the operational efficiency of R&D projects.

Streamlining drug discovery workflows at Recursion

Traditionally, early-stage drug discovery involves multi-disciplinary collaboration between teams of chemists and biologists over several months or years. Within Recursion, this process typically requires biologists to delineate biological pathways and establish novel map relationships, followed by chemists optimizing chemical series for the selected targets. LOWE streamlines these processes by capturing these disparate functions within a single user interface, operable using natural language commands. We believe this has the potential to dramatically reduce the time and resources required to progress early discovery programs.

A key aspect of LOWE is the accessibility of AI tools it provides for every Recursionaut scientist. By leveraging an LLM agent and natural language interface, LOWE enables all drug discovery scientists at Recursion, regardless of whether they have formal training in machine learning, to access state-of-the-art AI algorithms and computational tools. Additionally, LOWE provides extensive data visualization to help Recursion’s scientists efficiently parse the output of each query.

We invite potential partners interested in harnessing the power of LOWE for therapeutic discovery using the Recursion OS to contact us at partner@recursionpharma.com.

The future of TechBio

The growing number of AI tools being developed and datasets being generated at Recursion increases the complexity of early drug discovery workflows. New systems are required to streamline this complexity in order to maximize the full potential of the Recursion OS. This is the true power of LOWE.

LOWE’s ability to streamline complex workflows, integrate with specialized tools, and make cutting-edge AI accessible to all scientists marks a significant advancement in how drug discovery projects can be run. LOWE demonstrates the power of LLM-based workflow engines in enhancing efficiency, fostering innovation, and driving forward the discovery of new and effective medicines. We are excited to see how LOWE will impact the future of drug discovery and the potential breakthroughs it will enable.

Ask LOWE to:

Generate novel compounds

Give a list of known targets

Expand the chemical space

Compute ADMET properties

Order compounds

List compounds by solubility

Filter compounds

Schedule compounds for experiments

Generate compounds given a target