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Recursion is a clinical-stage biotechnology company decoding biology by integrating technological innovations across biology, chemistry, automation, machine-learning, and engineering. Our goal is to radically improve the lives of patients and industrialize drug discovery. Central to our mission is the Recursion Operating System, which combines an advanced infrastructure layer to generate what we believe is one of the world's largest and fastest-growing proprietary biological and chemical datasets. We combine that with the Recursion Map, a suite of custom software, algorithms, and machine learning tools that we use to explore foundational biology unconstrained by human bias and navigate to new biological insights. We are a biotechnology company scaling more like a technology company.

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Meet our Leaders

Chris Gibson

Co-Founder and CEO
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Tina Larson

President and Chief Operating Officer
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Shafique Virani

Chief Corporate Development Officer
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Michael Secora

Chief Financial Officer
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Heather Kirkby

Chief People Officer
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Mason Victors

Chief Product Officer
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Ben Mabey

Chief Technology Officer
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Ramona Doyle

Chief Medical Officer
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Louisa Daniels

Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel
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Elyse Freeman