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Recursion’s mission is to decode biology to radically improve lives. Unraveling the exceptional complexity of biological systems and delivering the next generation of biotherapeutics at unprecedented speed and scale can only be achieved by bridging life science and technology. Recursion is the leader in digital biology, and has built the world’s most advanced ultra-high throughput wet-lab and machine learning platform. Recursion’s ability to generate proprietary, high-dimensional, multi-modal and relatable datasets of human cellular biology at massive scale, and apply advanced machine learning approaches to reveal novel biological relationships, has resulted in a proven, target-agnostic drug-discovery engine.

Recursion has demonstrated the power of its platform to industrialize drug discovery by delivering a broad, clinical and preclinical pipeline spanning diverse therapeutic areas, positioning Recursion as the partner of choice in digitally- powered drug discovery. Recursion’s groundbreaking technology, inclusive culture and multidisciplinary team make it a destination for engineers and scientists who are passionate about trailblazing the frontier of digital biology. 

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Meet our Leaders

Chris Gibson

Co-Founder and CEO
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Tina Larson

President and COO
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Shafique Virani

Chief Corporate Development Officer
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Michael Secora

Chief Financial Officer
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Sharath Hegde

Chief Scientific Officer
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Heather Kirkby

Chief People Officer
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Mason Victors

Chief Product Officer
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Ben Mabey

Chief Technology Officer
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