Download Day 2023

Sell-side equity research analysts, institutional investors, and investment bankers joined members of Recursion’s executive team and board of directors for an engaging, in-person event at our headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Download Day consisted of presentations on Recursion’s technology, science, pipeline and partnerships, as well as demonstrations of Recursion’s mapping and navigating technology and tours of the company’s highly automated laboratories.

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Experience Recursion Download Day

Opening Convocation
State of Recursion
The Recursion Operating System
Recursion’s Partnerships
Afternoon Convocation
Preclinical Opportunities
Clinical Program Updates
MolRec and RxRx3 Dataset
Financials & Potential Milestones
Closing Remarks

RXRX3 Release and MolRec™

At Download Day, we also announced the public release of MolRec™, a compound intelligence tool to explore our proprietary maps of biology and chemistry. MolRec™ is powered by RxRx3, our largest open-source cellular imaging dataset to date, spanning approximately 2.2 million images across the human genome and 1,600 commercially available compounds in a single cell type. Both MolRec™ and RxRx3 can be accessed at