Chris Gibson

Co-Founder and CEO

Christopher Gibson, Ph.D., is our co-founder, Chief Executive Officer since the company’s founding in November 2013. Dr. Gibson was also Chairman of our Board from the company’s founding until he asked, with the support of the rest of the Board, for Dr. R. Martin Chavez to accept a position of Chairman in January 2021. Previously, Dr. Gibson was an M.D./Ph.D. student at the University of Utah. After obtaining his Ph.D., he withdrew from medical school to found Recursion. He has undergraduate degrees in bioengineering (B.S.) and managerial studies (B.A.) Rice University. 

He has served as a Founding Chairman of the Board of BioHive (the Utah life science collective and branding effort, composed of therapeutics, diagnostics, medical device and health IT companies, along with the companies that support them and the public sector) since November 2020. He also serves as a Board member of BioUtah (the Utah life science industry association) since January 2019, Board member of the Recursion Foundation (our not-for-profit entity seeking to promote corporate social responsibility) since November 2019, through which he is on the Board of Altitude Lab (an incubator/accelerator focused on creating the next generation of diverse biotech founder in Utah) since July 2020.

Dr. Gibson has also served on the Cures Acceleration Network Review Board since September 2020. Dr. Gibson is co-author of more than a dozen peer-reviewed studies in a variety of journals including Nature, Nature Protocols, Circulation, the Journal of Clinical Investigation, Molecular Pharmaceutics, PloS One, and Diabetes.