Berton Earnshaw

Machine Learning Fellow

Berton joined the founding team of Red Brain Labs as director of operations and data science, where he worked with current team members Ben Mabey and Mason Victors to optimize call centers using machine learning and simulation. In 2014, Red Brain Labs was acquired by Savvysherpa where, as a Senior Scientist and Principal, Berton led various research projects applying machine learning to insurance claims and medical records with the goal of improving healthcare outcomes. Before Red Brain Labs, Berton took some time off of academia following two post-docs at Utah and Michigan State University and co-founded the call center software company Perfect Pitch, where he led as CTO.

Berton earned his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in mathematics from BYU, and in 2007 earned a Ph.D. in math from the University of Utah, where he designed biophysical models of protein trafficking at synapses during episodes of learning and memory formation. Outside of work, Berton loves traveling with his wife and raising their five children together, being outdoors, eating well, keeping his eye on financial markets and reading everything from fiction to philosophy to math and machine learning.