Alison Omahony

Vice President, Discovery Platform

Alison O’Mahony is currently the VP of Discovery Platform at Recursion. An immunologist by training, Alison has spent the past 25 years leading research and development efforts focused on cell biology, signaling networks, translational biomarkers and phenotypic disease models. Alison has in-depth knowledge in the areas of autoimmunity, inflammation, fibrosis, immuno-oncology (I-O), oncology as well as in cardiovascular, skin, pulmonary disease biology. Her extensive experience with building and using human in vitro disease models to profile agents, coupled with the analysis of complex datasets has given her an interesting perspective on phenotypic approaches and has enabled her to provide valuable insights to support drug discovery programs.

As head of R&D at her previous organizations, Alison led the design, development, validation and application of multiple human primary cell-based disease models to determine mechanistic translational biomarker signatures. Alison also participated in efforts to integrate complex biological datasets and innovative analytics to develop more predictive strategies to find better and safer therapies. Alison has also served as the scientific lead on multiple client-related programs and partnerships, served on Joint Steering committees and has co-authored several publications arising from some of collaborative efforts. A frequent speaker at both national and international symposia and workshops, Alison also serves on a number of Scientific Advisory Boards as well as in more consultative role. She currently serves as Vice President of the Inflammation Research Association and is co-chair of the 21st International Congress scheduled for September 2022.  

Prior to her career in industry, Alison was an Investigator at the Gladstone Institutes at University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) where her lab focused on NF-ĸB signaling in immune and neuronal cell systems. Alison holds a Ph.D. (Immunology) from University College Cork, Ireland and was a postdoctoral fellow at University of California at Davis and at UCSF. She has published multiple peer-reviewed papers and invited book chapters and has received international and national awards for her work. Alison is also an advocate for greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace and volunteers as an advisor and mentor to younger scientists and high school students.

Alison is from Cork, In Ireland where all of her family still resides. She is married to Carlos and mum to a college freshman, Ciaran. She loves to walk, read and is trying  furniture renovation as a hobby.