Our success starts with our culture. Our values define It.

A bold ambition to industrialize drug discovery requires a strong culture, one that was intentionally designed to inspire its people to do industry-leading work. Much like the way we work on our platform and pipeline, a cross-functional group came together and worked closely and quickly to design the following company values:

We care

We are a company that values caring. We care for patients and those who love them. We care for each other, for our company and our mission. We care about the communities we call home. We care about doing things well and at our full potential, because we’re here to make a massive, positive impact on the world.

We learn

The boldness and challenge of our mission can only be accomplished if we constantly learn. We learn with a growth mindset to bring out the best in ourselves and others. Our humility and reflection allows us to learn from inside and out. We also know that ideas can come from anywhere, and that to learn, we have to listen.

We deliver

Our commitment to our mission runs deep. We debate with data and judgement, then decide, communicate and support the decision. We choose progress over perfection because if we fail and iterate, we’re still ahead of standing still.

We act boldly with integrity

We act like the company we aspire to become, taking big bets in pursuit of our mission. We seek to generate our own vision of a better future and do all we can to realize it. We respect, but challenge, convention. We owe it to each other, our communities, partners, and the patients we aim to serve to always take the high-road. We do the right thing or we don’t do it, even when no one is looking.

We are One Recursion

Recursion-first, departments-second. We work together knowing our strength is in our differences and creating space for all of them. We build the environment where our disciplines, voices and perspectives all contribute to our success. We value empathy and understanding, between all of us.

Do you already live by these values? You may be a Recursionaut.

Here are some ways we live our values

Women in Science and Technology (WiST) Event Series

Each quarter Recursion hosts a Women in Science and Technology (WiST) event. These events feature exceptional women leaders speaking on topics that are important to everyone from students to rising professionals to established executives in the STEM field. Events are free and open to everyone in the community — not just those who identify as women.

WiST events are often preceded and followed by networking, and take place in the early evening at Recursion’s headquarters in Downtown Salt Lake City.

Past topics have included: Getting into STEM, Personal Branding and Negotiating a Seat at the Table. Follow along on Twitter at #WiST.

Inclusion @ Recursion

At Recursion, we care — we care about patients and their loved ones, our own people and their families and the communities in which we live. We also care about belonging; the idea that it’s not enough for someone to work at Recursion, they must feel that they belong and their unique background, experience and perspective is valued. Inclusion is paramount to everything we do; and we continue to strive to get smarter about it and better at it.

Inclusion isn’t simply about “doing the right thing.” Inclusion, and the formation of diverse teams that feel included is a critical business lever. We know from the abundance of research and our own experience that diverse teams are better teams. In fact, as a corporate practice we interview under-represented candidates for at least 90% of our job openings. Today, about 40% of our team are women and we continue to look at ways to make our organization more diverse and welcoming to those underrepresented in business and technology.

Other highlights of our commitment to diversity and inclusion:

• We require that all employees undergo diversity and inclusion training.
• We host quarterly Women in Science and Technology nights at our HQ in Salt Lake City (see below).
• We established a startup incubator to support underrepresented entrepreneurs.
• In 2020, we will open an onsite childcare facility, in partnership with Bright Horizons, to support our working parents.

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