Recursion and NVIDIA: Shaping the Future

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Ben Mabey
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Hello, readers! Ben Mabey, CTO of Recursion, here with some exciting news to share. We have recently announced a remarkable multi-year collaboration with NVIDIA, accompanied by a $50 million investment in Recursion. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for our company, as it aligns us with one of the world's leading AI companies with the intention of accelerating our groundbreaking foundation models in biology and chemistry at a scale unlike anything that has ever been done in the biological space.

Throughout this year, our team, including many leaders at Recursion, our CEO, Chris Gibson, and myself, have been exploring how long term technology partners could accelerate our mission. We aimed to find partners who not only shared our vision of building a definitive foundation model for the drug discovery space, like our newly acquired companies Valence and Cyclica, but we also sought a deep collaboration involving large model training, joint research, and product co-development to explore the commercial possibilities of data as a value driver. In NVIDIA, we discovered the perfect match.

NVIDIA has pioneered the architecture and utilization of GPUs that underlie today's AI renaissance. Their GPUs are the driving force behind our supercomputer, BioHive-1, and all our cloud deep learning workloads. Many others in the industry also rely on NVIDIA GPUs, cementing their position as one of the preeminent AI companies worldwide.


BioHive-1 is Recursion’s supercomputer, one of the top 500 supercomputers in the world and the fastest supercomputer wholly owned and operated by any biopharma company


And despite the massive computational horsepower we have built in house with BioHive-1, training some of the most advanced AI foundation models in the world across large subsets of our 23 petabyte proprietary dataset means we need even more compute to go as fast as possible. As highlighted in our recent press release, we will be collaborating with NVIDIA to continue to train our large foundation models in biology and chemistry. Through this collaboration, we are also considering releasing some of our ML and AI models to commercial partners via NVIDIA's new BioNeMo platform, further expanding their reach and impact. NVIDIA will provide us with priority access to their latest GPUs through NVIDIA DGX™ Cloud, offer engineering support to optimize our models, and potentially engage in joint research efforts. This collaboration will undoubtedly shape our data-driven strategy and model release approach in the coming months.

The collaboration between Recursion and NVIDIA marks a significant milestone on our journey toward revolutionizing drug discovery through AI. With NVIDIA's expertise, resources, and shared vision, we hope to unlock new possibilities and accelerate the development of much-needed medicines. We anticipate that this collaboration will not only advance our mission but also have a lasting impact on the broader field of biotechnology.

Combined with the substantial partnerships with companies like Roche/Genentech and Bayer, our acquisitions of Cyclica andValence, and our internal pipeline, we believe we are leading the transition from biotech to the era of techbio.  


Stay tuned for more updates as we delve further into this exciting collaboration.