Drug Discovery, STAT! NVIDIA, Recursion Speed Pharma R&D With AI Supercomputer

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Written by Rory Kelleher, global business development lead for healthcare and life sciences at NVIDIA.

Described as the largest system in the pharmaceutical industry, BioHive-2 at the Salt Lake City headquarters of Recursion debuts today at No. 35, up more than 100 spots from its predecessor on the latest TOP500 list of the world’s fastest supercomputers.

The advance represents the company’s most recent effort to accelerate drug discovery with NVIDIA technologies.

“Just as with large language models, we see AI models in the biology domain improve performance substantially as we scale our training with more data and compute horsepower, which ultimately leads to greater impacts on patients’ lives,” said Recursion’s CTO, Ben Mabey, who’s been applying machine learning to healthcare for more than a decade.

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