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Expanded Access Policy

At Recursion Pharmaceuticals, we are committed to radically improving the lives of patients and their families by developing therapies that will make a lasting, positive, and transformative impact on diseases and conditions for which there are high unmet needs.  

We believe that the best way to succeed in our mission is through well-designed clinical trials that determine the safety and effectiveness of investigational medicines. We understand that in some rare and specific
circumstances, when enrollment into a clinical trial is not possible, physicians caring for patients with serious or life-threatening conditions or diseases may seek special access to investigational medicines. Recursion will consider individual Expanded Access requests for an investigational medicine outside of an ongoing clinical trial for the indication being investigated by the company.  

A licensed treating physician must submit the request for Expanded Access in writing by contacting
ExpandedAccess@Recursion.com. The physician must be able and willing to obtain a treatment IND, or regional equivalent, and Institutional Review Board or Ethics Committee approval, for the patient prior to initiating treatment with our investigational medicine.  

A team at Recursion will review the information provided and determine whether it is in the best interests of the patient and our development program to support the Expanded Access request. The evaluation will be based on patient eligibility, risk-benefit analysis, and impact to clinical development programs including drug supply. A response will be sent to the requesting physician communicating the approval or denial of the request for Expanded Access.  We endeavor to respond to Expanded Access requests within one week after the steps for submission are completed.