Our ambition is not ours alone. Together, we can industrialize drug discovery.

There are a lot of things that make Clēnera possible. Our breakthrough technology. Our network of partners. The leading talent of our team. But the thing that makes us great is how all of those things work together—and the way those relationships make new things possible for you.

In the end, we all share the same goal: to bring life-changing medicines to patients faster and inexpensively. To achieve this end, Recursion partners with leading biotechs, pharmaceutical companies and academic research institutions to identify novel medicines and unlock biological insights using our discovery technology.

Discovery platform partnerships:

Novel medicines discovery campaigns

Without any a priori target hypothesis, we identify differentiated medicines with our partners across broad areas of biology and rapidly iterate to optimize therapeutic profile.

Novel target insight campaigns

We broadly explore and uncover novel biological targets that we can exploit to generate therapeutic candidates with our partners.

Asset development partnerships:

Collaborative in-licensing

We partner with companies across the industry to in-license clinical-stage compounds, for which we have identified activity in new indications.

Internal pipeline candidate collaborations

Joint development of existing programs — we work with experienced, development teams to rapidly execute preclinical and clinical development.

Licensing and commercialization

We work with commercial partners committed to maximizing program value for patients.

Who we partner with:

Bayer Pharmaceuticals

We partner with similarly innovative, forward-thinking companies that see the magnitude of the potential for Recursion's platform to accelerate drug discovery. We are collaborating with Bayer Pharmaceuticals to identify novel therapeutics in the space of fibrosis, a complex and historically intractable domain of biology.


We partner with similarly innovative, forward-thinking companies that want to expand their pipelines and increase their impact. Some of the companies we’ve partnered with to-date include Bayer Pharmaceuticals and Sanofi.

Non-Profit Organizations

We are always open to new partnerships where our vision of radically improving people’s lives, and re-engineering drug discovery, are aligned. In 2018 we received a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to accelerate the discovery of potential drugs to treat malaria and, at the same time, broaden our platform to address other infectious diseases.


With a high-scale strategy for discovering novel medicines, we require a similarly innovative business model to ensure our clinical-stage programs get to patients as efficiently as possible. We partner with exceptional individuals and companies throughout the industry to help take our clinical-stage assets to patients. That is why we have begun spinning out new companies to advance our lead assets.

CereXis, Inc. is our first wholly-owned subsidiary company, with a focus on advancing our lead clinical-stage asset for Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2). For more information, visit www.cerexisinc.com.

Life Science Entrepreneurs

In 2019, we launched an incubator for life science and technology startups in partnership with the University of Utah’s Center for Technology & Venture Commercialization. The 14,500-square-foot facility includes 5,000 square feet of wet laboratory space, making it a highly sought after destination for Utah-based life science startups.

Recursion’s goal with the incubator is to 1) build the life sciences ecosystem and pipeline of top talent here in Utah and 2) support underrepresented groups and entrepreneurs by prioritizing startups with a diverse founding team.

In early 2020, we appointed an executive director to lead the incubator. The first list of resident entrepreneurs and companies will be announced later this year.


Our business development team can work creatively to formulate win-win collaboration constructs. Connect with us at partner@recursionpharma.com.