HOLISTIC SECURITY: At a time when security risks are merging, Recursion can enhance security across all realms, in many cases transforming it into a competitive advantage: Hardware security services, software security services, physical security services, and process security services.

Security consulting firms rarely (if ever) provide services that cover more than one of these four fields. Recursion’s experts provide a coordinated and holistic approach across all types of security risks, allowing our customers to benefit from collective knowledge and understanding that vulnerabilities in one domain are commonly leveraged against others.


R. James Woolsey Chairman; Former Director, CIA Foreign policy specialist, and former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. James A. Hendler, Ph.D. Tetherless World Senior Constellation Professor, RPI Tetherless World Professor of Computer and Cognitive Science. One of the inventors of the Semantic Web. Neil C. Livingstone CEO, ExecutiveAction Chairman and CEO of ExecutiveAction, LLC. Described by NBC anchor Tom Brokaw as “one of this nation's preeminent authorities on terrorism". John Strauchs Strategic Partner Mr. Strauchs has over 40 years of experience in security and intelligence, beginning as an operations officer with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Following public service, John was a principal in charge of security engineering for Gage-Babcock & Associates (GBA) and, until 2007, led Systech Group, Inc. Including his work through his consulting firm Strauchs,LLC, John has completed over 750 consulting and engineering projects since entering the private sector in 1975. His security expertise has directly informed hundreds of the world's most sensitive facilities. Whitfield Diffie, Ph.D. Vice President for Information Security and Cryptography at ICANN One of the pioneers of public key cryptography. Dr. Diffie is the recipient of numerous scientific and industry awards (IEEE, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the NSA, the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia).


Henry Bar–Levav CEO Henry pioneered the commercial Internet in New York. In 1996, he founded the Internet consulting firm OVEN that grew into the largest privately owned company of its kind in the world. From eleven offices in four continents, OVEN’s 300-plus employees provided advanced technologies including software design and systems analysis for clients including Tiffany & Co., IBM, AT&T, MoMA, and Sullivan & Cromwell. Bobby Mbom International Business Development Previously an analyst and associate with The Lucas Group and Acquis Consulting Group, respectively, specializing in the pharmaceutical industry, having earlier developed card–based financial products for JP Morgan. Robert graduated from Lehigh University, where he was a four–year NCAA Division I letter winner, and McDonald's All–American, as a forward for the Mountain Hawks basketball team. Fluent in Bassaa, English, French and German, Robert holds dual citizenship in the United States and his native Cameroon. Michael Barr Corporate Training, Leadership, Management Michael is a world leader in executive management training and applies his unique skills to Recursion’s team, venture stake–holders, and clientele. Ellen Hexter Managing Director, Enterprise Risk Management A recognized expert in ERM, Ellen Hexter works with Recursion clients to help them assess and integrate effective security risk management into their overall enterprise risk management strategy. She serves as Senior Advisor, Enterprise Risk Management to The Conference Board and previously led The Conference Board’s work in ERM. Jean-Philippe Martin Silicon Architect CPU, ASIC, and embedded systems designer and verifier. His work specializes in designs with high-speed, low-power synthesizable hardware and verification components to pinpoint harware bugs in chips and systems.

Recursion Ventures is always looking for new talents. Electronic geeks that want to be hackers or vice-versa please send us your information: info@recursion.com.


Our products address existing threats, we have developed solutions that are able to reach across industries due to a common thread — the need to mitigate risk and maximize value.

  • xIMSI: Mobile communications detection & interception system.


We leverage our talents and global network of contacts to quickly assemble best–in–class teams for projects in our core competencies:

  • HOLISTIC SECURITY: Security services for software, hardware, facilities and process; our practice includes threat analysis, penetration testing, security remediation, the Security Development Lifecycle, and custom solution development.
  • BIG DATA: We marry the data–driven model of the US intelligence community with the tools of the Semantic Web to help organizations better organize, secure and maximize the value of their key asset in the network economy — data.
  • HARDWARE COUNTERFEITING: Comprehensive solutions to combat hardware counterfeiting.


We are regularly sought as experts to provide insight in several venues, including public and private events from DefCon to the Defense Intelligence Agency; major media such as ABC News, The Discovery Channel, Forbes, NBC News and many more; and in published white papers and industry research.

Please contact us to help make your next event, story or research project a successful one.