Tony Donato

Scientific Advisor

Tony is an associate professor of medicine and co-director of the Translational Vascular Physiology Laboratory at the University of Utah. Trained in both human clinical trials (Fellowship & M.S., University of Colorado) and preclinical animal models (Ph.D., Texas A&M), he and his laboratory utilize a translational approach to answer questions utilizing cell culture, preclinical animal models and human patients. He and his team seek to understand the basic mechanisms behind cardiovascular disease and dysfunction, and explore lifestyle and pharmacological interventions that can restore normal function in older populations and in patients with rare vascular diseases. Related to his keen interest in the process of biological aging, Tony has published on the role of cellular senescence in cardiovascular dysfunction in both humans and animal models. One of the primary directives in his lab is to better understand how best to reduce cardiovascular disease risk and progression in older adults by reducing or removing senescent cellular burden.